Do You Have State Tax Problem?

by Harry Galstian

May 17, 2013

Direct Tax Relief represents taxpayers in all 50 States across the country.  It’s no secret that most States are in a financial crisis and are experiencing large budget deficits.  This is the main reason collection efforts of back taxes have been tougher and more persistent by State tax agents.  Once Direct Tax Relief prepares and files a separate Power of Attorney form for your State, our tax professionals will take over all correspondence with the tax agent.  You don’t have to fear being harassed or bullied anymore.  If you do receive calls from the State tax agent, politely inform them that you have professional representation.

Direct Tax Relief represents taxpayers with the California Franchise Tax Board (“FTB”); which collects income tax from individuals and corporations.  The Employment Development Department (“EDD”); which collects employment taxes and issues unemployment and disability checks.  The Board of Equalization (“BOE”), which collects sales and use tax from businesses.  Because of its size, California has three separate tax agencies.  Many states have only one tax agency, sometimes called a Department of Revenue; that performs all the functions required by the State.

No matter what state you live in, Direct Tax Relief will provide you with a FREE Consultation to discuss the different tax solutions available to your unique case.

If you have not filed your State tax return, the State has various methods of determining your income and filing a return on your behalf. If you possess a business, professional, or contractor’s license, the State will use an average gross income based on your profession. Once the return is filed by the State, you will be assessed a tax liability and the collection notices will begin to arrive in the mail.  If their notices are ignored and the balance is not paid in full, the State has the legal right to begin garnishing your wages and levying your bank accounts and accounts receivable.

State tax problems are a serious matter and should be handled by an experienced and qualified Tax Attorney. State tax agencies are very aggressive and relentless. If you ignore your problem long enough, they can revoke your professional or business license and shut down your business! Direct Tax Relief is a state tax debt resolution company and can resolve your state tax debt problems. Contact us today for your FREE Tax Resolution Analysis.