Tax Resolution Services

Penalty Abatement

Whether you’ve failed to pay your taxes or filed late, Direct Tax Relief can successfully negotiate with the IRS to have penalties removed from your account.

If you have penalties from the Internal Revenue Service due to failure to file or pay, penalty abatement is a useful program in reducing your tax debt, based on reasonable cause:

  • Major family problems, such as a divorce
  • Theft or destruction of your records and documents
  • A major illness
  • Incarceration
  • A natural disaster (hurricane, windstorm, fire, flooding, riot, etc.)
  • Lengthy-time of unemployment
  • Death of a close family member

With DTR’s Help

You can use a penalty abatement to reduce your debt due to reasonable causes.

Keep business in operations

Payment Installments options

Avoid seizure of business assets

Avoid personal tax assessments

Get Help With A Penalty Abatement