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Tax Lien Release

With a Federal Tax Lien or State Tax Lien, your property can be seized as payment for your tax debt, but Direct Tax Relief can work with the IRS and State to have it released.

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If you have tax debt or overdue payments, a Federal Tax Lien or State Tax Lien gives the Internal Revenue Service or the applicable State Department of Taxation a legal claim to any of your property for security or payment. By filing a Notice of Federal Tax Lien (NFTL), creditors are publicly notified that the IRS or state has a claim against a taxpayer’s owned property, including property acquired after the tax lien is filed. Tax liens are incredibly damaging, so it’s important to resolve one immediately. By completing some available resolution programs, Direct Tax Relief will be able to have your tax liens removed.

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With DTR’s Help

You can get released from federal or state tax liens against your property.


Negotiate resolution program and release lien


Increase and boost your credit rating


Removal of public filing


Prevents employer being notified about your tax debt

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Get Help With Tax Lien Release