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At Direct Tax Relief, our tax experts can take over your audit proceedings and work with the IRS to make sure everything gets taken care of properly.

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Sometimes random and sometimes based on suspicious activity (like too many business deductions), the Internal Revenue Service can conduct a tax audit to examine information contained in your individual and business tax returns. Audits involve detailed scrutiny of your tax records and often lead to further investigations of previous tax years. Audits that raise suspicion of fraud or underreported income can be referred to the Criminal Investigation (“CI”) division of the IRS, so it’s important to take them seriously. By handling meetings, correspondence, and negotiation with the IRS, Direct Tax Relief’s audit representation services will save you time and ensure you receive a fair outcome, entitling you to all the deductions and expenses allowed.

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With DTR’s Help

You can save time, money and frustration by letting us handle your audit.


Can help you save thousands in taxes, penalties and interest


Saves you time, frustration and headaches


May prevent more serious fines and penalties

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