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Wage Garnishment Release

If you have tax debt, your wages, commissions, and even your Social Security income can be seized through a wage levy, but Direct Tax Relief can work with the IRS to release it.

Issued by the Internal Revenue Service and State tax agencies, a wage garnishment (or wage levy) is a way to pay tax debt through the seizure of your income from paychecks, commissions, and other sources, including social security. Many taxpayers are unaware that vendors they work with will be contacted by the IRS – and a garnishment on your 1099 income will be applied. The tax professionals at Direct Tax Relief will negotiate with the IRS and/or State to have your wage garnishment released or modified to find a permanent resolution to your tax debt.

With DTR’s Help

You can have your wage, Social Security and other garnishments released.

Release wage garnishment

Prevent future garnishments

Creates peace of mind

Prevents employer being notified about your tax debt

Get Help With Wage Garnishment Release