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Bank Levy Release

When your taxes remain unpaid, the IRS can freeze your bank accounts and seize any money in them, but Direct Tax Relief can help you get that levy released and prevent future bank levies.

When the Internal Revenue Service can establish that you have unpaid debt, they can use a collection action called a bank levy. This allows them to seize the funds you owe directly from your bank account, up to the amount that you owe (including penalties and interest). And if sufficient funds aren’t available on the first attempt, a bank levy can be issued as many times as needed to repay the debt.

While an IRS bank levy can be stopped, you have limited time to resolve it, so it is important to act quickly. At Direct Tax Relief, our tax professionals can work on your behalf to release the bank levy and permanently resolve your back taxes.

With DTR’s Help

You can get bank levies released while preventing future ones.

Access funds in your bank account

Prevent future bank levies

Get Help With Bank Levy Release