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If you have unfiled tax returns or owe back taxes to a State tax agency, we can help – whether its income, payroll, or sales taxes.

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Debt collection for back taxes by state agents can be very aggressive, with unpaid debts often resulting in wage garnishments and bank levies. Each state has its own rules and requirements regarding taxes, so it’s important to know how and where you file so you can find the best resolution. Some resolution options are available across all states, including Installment Payment Agreement and Currently Non-Collectible (CNC), but the easiest way to obtain state tax relief is to work with the experts at Direct Tax Relief to find the solution that best fits your situation.

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With DTR’s Help

You can get assistance with back taxes and unfiled returns to state agencies.


Our experts will negotiate with State tax agents on your behalf


Resolve debt through various programs


Prevent enforced collection action


Prevents employer being notified about your tax debt

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Get Help With State Tax Problems