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Tax Resolution Services

At Direct Tax Relief, it’s our mission to bring our clients peace of mind through tax debt resolutions while making the difficult work of dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) a lot less lonely—and a lot more effective.

With specialized tax debt training and expertise, our team is dedicated to helping taxpayers resolve their tax debt successfully, no matter the situation.

Our Tax Resolution Services

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Offer in Compromise

If you owe tax debt, an Offer In Compromise can help you settle it for less. DTR has the expert negotiation skills needed to get your tax debt reduced as much as legally allowed.

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Payroll Tax Resolution

If you’re a business owner who fails to file or pay payroll taxes, Direct Tax Relief will negotiate with the IRS to reach a resolution and protect your business from shutting down.

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Penalty Abatement

Direct Tax Relief negotiates with the IRS to have these difficult penalties removed from your account, getting you out of debt and back to freedom, based on reasonable cause.

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Preparation of Unfiled Tax Returns

Working with you from the first step of tax debt resolution, Direct Tax Relief has tax accountants to prepare your unfiled tax returns, whether it's an individual return or complex corporation returns.

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Installment Agreement

At Direct Tax Relief, we'll negotiate with the IRS to create an easy, affordable payment plan that gets you in compliance, and works with what you can afford, preventing future IRS wage and bank garnishments.

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Audit Representation

If your individual or business tax returns are being audited, Direct Tax Relief’s tax experts can take over your audit proceedings to ensure you get the resolution you deserve.

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Bank Levy Release

When your taxes remain unpaid and a bank levy is issued, Direct Tax Relief can help you find a resolution so you can avoid frozen bank accounts and money seizure and, in some cases, have current bank levies released.

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Wage Garnishment Release

When your wages, commissions, and Social Security income are being garnished because of unpaid taxes, DTR will negotiate with the IRS to put a stop to it.

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State Tax Problems

If you’re a retail store, contractor, or provide in-home services, you could face state tax issues. But the experts at Direct Tax Relief have expert guidance and solutions to get you on the road to tax debt freedom. We can also help with state income, payroll and sales tax issues.

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Tax Lien Release

In certain situations, Direct Tax Relief may be able to have your federal tax lien released, once we complete resolution of your case.

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Innocent Spouse Relief

For married couples, filing your taxes jointly can provide many benefits–but it can create problems. If you have tax liabilities, interest, and penalties as a result of filing jointly, DTR professionals can get you on the road to being tax debt free.

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Lien Subordination

If you are looking to refinance your house but have a federal tax lien, the tax professionals at Direct Tax Relief will pursue all avenues to find a solution through a lien subordination.

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Currently Not Collectible

If you are in severe financial hardship and cannot make monthly payments, the tax experts with Direct Tax Relief can pursue a status of "currently not collectible,” allowing you not to make any payments while preventing IRS collections.

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Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

For small businesses owners who might owe a penalty for withholding payroll taxes and failing to pay the IRS, the experts at Direct Tax Relief can help you begin the resolution process and protect your personal and business assets.

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Collection Statute Expiration Date

We can help navigate the CSED on your back taxes, where in many cases the IRS will write off your back taxes, thus eliminating your tax debt. CSED cases are more complex than most taxpayer’s think–so having a skilled tax professional negotiate on your behalf is key.


Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR)

If you have money and assets in foreign banks or are a US citizen living overseas, Direct Tax Relief can work with you to file an FBAR and avoid tax evasion.

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