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Lien Subordination

Whether you’re looking to refinance or sell a home, but have a federal tax lien, the tax professionals at Direct Tax Relief will pursue all avenues for a lien subordination.

If a tax lien has been filed against you AND you owe back taxes, you may find you are unable to refinance or sell property. To resolve this issue, you can file a Lien Subordination with the Internal Revenue Service. While this does not remove the lien, it does make it secondary to any other loans, allowing you to refinance or restructure your loans. But with complex rules and qualifying factors, the tax experts at Direct Tax Relief can navigate the steps and find success for you through lien subordination.

With DTR’s Help

You can refinance or sell your home by having liens subordinated.

Good for those looking to refinance or sell property

An alternative to other resolution programs

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