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​​5 Common Tax Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

Many people make common mistakes that can cost them time, money, and possibly even legal trouble. Learn about the top five tax mistakes to avoid in 2023, so you can file your taxes with confidence and avoid any unnecessary headaches.

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Top 5 Tips for Freelancers

Whether you have a steady independent contractor position or several side gigs, the IRS considers you as “self-employed,” which means you are required to file a business Schedule C within your personal tax return.

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5 Overlooked Small Business Tips

When it comes to taxes, there are a few things you may have overlooked. Here are some pieces of advice that can help you save money down the line, and keep your business protected from penalties when tax season rolls around.

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Celebrating 15 Years of Direct Tax Relief

With 2023 around the corner, we’re excited to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of Direct Tax Relief. Our Tax Resolution Specialists have solved thousands of cases and resolved tens of millions of dollars in tax debt.