Has the IRS levied your bank account?  We can help!

A bank levy is issued by the IRS when your taxes remain unpaid and resolution has not been reached.  The IRS will freeze your bank accounts and seize any money in your bank account up to the amount that you owe, including penalties and interest.  The IRS can issue a bank levy as many times as they please, until the tax debt is satisfied.  A bank levy is a very successful collection tactic that the IRS uses which serves a second purpose besides collecting back taxes – to get your attention!


The good news is that the tax experts at Direct Tax Relief can have your bank levy released!

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When a bank levy is issued by the IRS, there are specific procedures that your banking institution must follow.  Even though the bank withdraws the funds from your account and/or sometimes freezes the use of the funds, Our Tax Attorney at DTR can have your bank levy released.  Depending upon your financial and tax situation, DTR will need to take different actions to handle your IRS bank account levy. An IRS bank levy can be stopped but it is important to act quickly since you will not have much time to stop the IRS once a bank levy has been issued.


The IRS is a very determined and fierce collection agency.  It does not make sense to negotiate with them without proper representation.  When a bank levy is issued, it is usually caused by poor or lack of communication between the taxpayer and the IRS.  The tax professionals at DTR keep constant contact with your IRS agent to ensure that future bank levies are not issued, as long as the taxpayer remains in compliance.   DTR will secure a collection hold on your account for a specified period of time; protecting you from future enforced collection action.  While your account is placed on a collection hold, our Tax Attorney will carefully analyze and evaluate your specific situation and determine the best course of action for you.


If you’ve been threatened with an IRS bank levy, let the tax experts and professionals at DTR represent you and put end to your IRS problems!

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