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The IRS Is Hiring. If You Owe Back Taxes, Get Ready

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Last week, we wrote about the use of outside debt agencies to start collecting tax debts (you can check out the blog here). In conjunction with this, the IRS recently announced the end to their hiring freeze. That’s right, America’s best-loved agency is beefing up its staff. In fact, they plan to grow the department by six to seven HUNDRED. So other than a staff increase, what will this mean for you and me?

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Have an IRS Tax Debt? Get Ready for the Collection Agencies

IRS tax debt

We’ve already discussed the controversial IRS passport law that was sneaked into last winter’s highway bill (check it out here), but that wasn’t the only thing pushed through. The bill also included authorization for the use of outside collection agencies to target IRS tax debt.

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I Filed My Tax Return. What Are the Chances of an IRS Audit?

IRS audit Most people would agree that any notice coming from the IRS is scary news. So much so, that many taxpayers cringe when receiving correspondence and leave important notices, like a CP2000 Notice of Underreported Income, unopened.
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Small Businesses May Need Big Tax Debt Relief

tax debt relief While the number of small businesses continues to shrink, much of it due to astronomical taxes and other fees, tax protections and loopholes for big corporations continue to go unchecked. Between 2008 through 2012, corporations have paid an average of 14 percent of profits in taxes. Even more shocking, one out of five of these profitable corporations paid zero federal taxes!
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Iggy Azalea Owes $400,000 to the IRS. See 3 Possible Tax Debt Penalties She Could Be Facing

tax debt penalties Lately there’s been a lot of attention on Iggy Azalea and her terrifying $400,000 tax debt. And let’s face it, the IRS is probably one of the scariest entities to be indebted to. Other than a looming tax bill, what other consequences could Iggy (or someone like her) face?
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