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The New Overtime Rules: What They Mean to Small Businesses (and to All of Us)

overtime rulesReports about the new overtime rules have been scattered across news outlets and social media. But what exactly is changing? And how will it affect small business owners (and their employees)? Read on to learn more and to see what you’ll need to do to prepare.
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First-Time Tax Offender? See if You Can Benefit From an IRS Penalty Waiver

What Is an IRS Penalty Waiver (aka Penalty Abatement)?

IRS penalty waiver

An IRS penalty waiver does exactly what it sounds like – waives IRS penalties. For an individual filer, this procedure attacks failure-to-file or failure-to-pay penalties. For a business, these penalties also include those related to a failure to properly deposit payroll taxes. Pursuing this type of waiver is one step in the process of reducing or eliminating tax debt.

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Carly Owed Over 32k in Back Taxes. See How DTR Saved the Day!

back taxes

Carly* was overwhelmed. She found herself owing over $32,000 in back taxes, penalties and fees to the IRS. She feared the destruction to her personal credit that a tax lien would cause, and she couldn’t handle the loss of income she’d face if the IRS decided to garnish her wages. After months of stress, Carly decided to seek help.

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The Meaning of a BBB A+ Rating for a Tax Debt Relief Agency

debt relief agency

Unfortunately, the term “debt relief” has become synonymous with scams. There are a multitude of companies – dealing in tax debt relief and in debt consolidation – that have taken advantage of consumers by over-promising and under-delivering. In some cases, debt consolidators have even sold individuals on high interest loans that leave them worse off than they were before.

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