An IRS audit should always be taken seriously. Audits involve detailed scrutiny of your tax records and can lead to further investigations of previous tax years. Often the IRS selects tax returns that have the greatest potential for further tax collection. An IRS audit even has the potential to be referred to the Criminal Investigation (“CI”) division of the IRS if there is any indication of fraud or substantial underreporting of income.


To ensure an IRS audit is properly handled, many taxpayers and business owners utilize a tax attorney as an audit representative because they have intensive knowledge of tax laws and regulations. This keeps them protected from predatory IRS agents who may be looking for ways to unnerve trusting taxpayers.


Direct Tax Relief represents taxpayers and businesses audited by many government branches, including the IRS, Franchise Tax Board (FTB), State Board of Equalization (BOE), Employment Development Department (EDD) or other State Department of Taxations.


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