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The Panama Papers

The Panama Papers, OVDP and Renewed Taxpayer Risks

Earlier this year, a set of documents known as the “Panama Papers” was released by an anonymous individual. These documents resulted in the financial exposure of thousands of individuals holding offshore accounts (with records dating back to the 1970s).

The Meaning of a BBB A+ Rating for a Tax Debt Relief Agency

Unfortunately, the term “debt relief” has become synonymous with scams. There are a multitude of companies – dealing in tax debt relief and in debt consolidation – that have taken advantage of consumers by over-promising and under-delivering.

The IRS Is Hiring.

The IRS Is Hiring. If You Owe Back Taxes, Get Ready

Last week, we wrote about the use of outside debt agencies to start collecting tax debts (you can check out the blog here). In conjunction with this, the IRS recently announced the end to their hiring freeze. That’s right, America’s best-loved agency is beefing up its staff.

Have an IRS Tax Debt?

Have an IRS Tax Debt? Get Ready for the Collection Agencies

We’ve already discussed the controversial IRS passport law that was sneaked into last winter’s highway bill, but that wasn’t the only thing pushed through. The bill also included authorization for the use of outside collection agencies to target IRS tax debt.

Small Businesses May Need Big Tax Debt Relief

While the number of small businesses continues to shrink, much of it due to astronomical taxes and other fees, tax protections and loopholes for big corporations continue to go unchecked. Between 2008 through 2012, corporations have paid an average of 14 percent of profits in taxes.