Direct Tax Relief (“DTR”) is a tax resolution company that assists individuals and small businesses with their IRS tax problems as well as State tax problems. Our firm of experienced Tax Attorneys, certified tax preparers, tax resolution specialists and tax consultants specialize in providing IRS tax relief across the country in all 50 states. Once our firm is retained for services and we file the Power of Attorney, our Tax Attorneys immediately take over all communication with the IRS. You don’t have to fear being bullied or harassed by the IRS while DTR is representing you.

Direct Tax Relief’s Tax Attorneys and tax professionals are highly skilled and experienced and have achieved exceptional results for our clients. We have negotiated many favorable settlements with the IRS and State tax authorities on behalf of our clients. DTR can help you settle your delinquent back taxes, prepare your unfiled tax returns for personal and business, assist you with an installment agreement, help you with payroll tax problems, release an IRS bank levy or an IRS wage levy or garnishment and help you with IRS tax liens and payroll trust fund recovery penalty.

Direct Tax Relief’s Tax Attorneys and IRS tax experts will handle your case from beginning to end, so you won’t have to stress or fear about dealing with IRS tax problems yourself. The team of IRS tax experts at DTR provides solutions to all types of tax problems. We can settle your debt taking advantage of the Offer in Compromise program or we can have your penalties and the associated interest be removed by preparing and submitting a Penalty Abatement. We can have your bank levy released and have your employer remove the wage garnishment or levy placed against your hard earned wages. We can also solve your payroll tax problems and place you into compliance by filing your delinquent personal and business returns.