Souseh B.

“I’m so glad I found this company…I called IRS several times but they kept giving me the runaround.  Direct Tax Relief was able to obtain all my records and documents in order to file all my delinquent returns…I can finally sleep at night!”

Martina T.

“After several unsuccessful attempts to deal with the IRS, I called Direct Tax Relief…They provided excellent service and resolved my issue quickly, saving me hours of frustration.”

Gohar S.

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Cris L.

“My debt of over 50k has been reduced to an amount that was no doubt short of a miracle…Thank you Direct Tax Relief for helping me get out of a hole that I never thought I could escape.”


“I no longer have a tax lien and my offer was accepted! Thank you again, Sean Goodman and Harry Galstian, for all you’ve done for me.”