5 Overlooked Small Business Tips (Yes, Taxes Are Included)

small business tips

Everyone has heard the tried-and-true business tips. Things like “identify your target consumers,” “emphasize customer service” and “network, network, network.” But what about all of the other stuff that goes into running a successful small business? We’ve gathered a few lesser-known small business tips to help you grow.

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The New Overtime Rules: What They Mean to Small Businesses (and to All of Us)

overtime rulesReports about the new overtime rules have been scattered across news outlets and social media. But what exactly is changing? And how will it affect small business owners (and their employees)? Read on to learn more and to see what you’ll need to do to prepare.
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Small Businesses May Need Big Tax Debt Relief

tax debt relief While the number of small businesses continues to shrink, much of it due to astronomical taxes and other fees, tax protections and loopholes for big corporations continue to go unchecked. Between 2008 through 2012, corporations have paid an average of 14 percent of profits in taxes. Even more shocking, one out of five of these profitable corporations paid zero federal taxes!
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