The Complexity of an OIC (Don’t Try This at Home)


Let’s face it. The IRS wants to collect its tax debt. And if you owe a large sum, they especially want to bring that money in. Sure, they aren’t paid on commission, but this is their job, and, probably like all of us, they are held to certain marks and standards. With that being said, a settlement with the IRS (also called an Offer in Compromise) isn’t impossible (it’s just not exactly easy, either).

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I Filed My Tax Return. What Are the Chances of an IRS Audit?

IRS audit Most people would agree that any notice coming from the IRS is scary news. So much so, that many taxpayers cringe when receiving correspondence and leave important notices, like a CP2000 Notice of Underreported Income, unopened.
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National Taxpayer Advocate Issues Annual Report to Congress: Emphasis Needs to be Placed Taxpayer’s Rights

Report shows less than half of taxpayers know they have rights before the IRS. Direct Tax Relief (DTR) assists clients that have audits or balances due with the IRS and educate them on their taxpayer’s rights It was announced by the Internal Revenue Service 
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