National Taxpayer Advocate Issues Annual Report to Congress: Emphasis Needs to be Placed Taxpayer’s Rights

Report shows less than half of taxpayers know they have rights before the IRS. Direct Tax Relief (DTR) assists clients that have audits or balances due with the IRS and educate them on their taxpayer’s rights It was announced by the Internal Revenue Service 
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What is an Audit Representation?

Have you received a notice from the IRS stating your return has been selected for examination or audit? 

IRS audits should be taken seriously because they often lead to additional tax years being selected for examination and other tax deductions not originally stated in the audit letter.  IRS tax auditors are experts at evaluating nervous taxpayers and discovering things not covered in the initial audit notice. Having a tax professional on your side can significantly increase the odds of you getting a better outcome in your audit. Having a tax professional represent you before the IRS can be a great decision and can actually end up saving you money.

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