After a tax lien has been filed, individuals owing back taxes may find themselves unable to sell big-ticket items. This usually becomes an issue when taxpayers need to sell or refinance their home. To get around this issue, taxpayers can file a Lien Subordination with the IRS. This document makes the tax lien secondary to any other loans (including a homeowner’s mortgage lending institution), allowing a refinance or loan restructuring to be possible.


The IRS will typically only grant a Lien Subordination if it can be determined that this process will help taxpayers better repay back taxes. Most individuals filing this complex paperwork rely on a tested tax attorney to ensure success.


If you haven’t yet reached the need for a Lien Subordination, there may still be time to prevent a tax lien. Contact Direct Tax Relief to help with either. Call us today at (800) 505-4134 for your FREE Tax Resolution Analysis.