Tax Resolution Services

Direct Tax Relief represents individuals and small business owners from all 50 states regarding all back tax issues; income, payroll and sale taxes. Our Tax Attorneys are highly skilled at negotiating with difficult IRS and State tax collectors. Direct Tax Relief office is supported by an experienced and professional management team. Our professionals are passionate and dedicated to assisting taxpayers resolve their tax problems successfully.

Our tax attorneys are Certified Tax Resolution Specialists, meaning they have specialized training, knowledge and experience specific to tax debt relief. Let a tax attorney from Direct Tax Relief help you today!

  • Offer in Compromise

    Offer in Compromise

    An Offer in Compromise (OIC) is a formal agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS that settles tax debt for less. It often takes expert negotiation skills to achieve the best OIC outcome.

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  • Payroll Tax Resolution

    Payroll Tax Resolution

    Payroll tax issues occur when a business fails or incorrectly files payroll taxes. Often this type of tax debt can be successfully negotiated using applicable tax resolution services.

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  • Penalty Abatement

    Penalty Abatement

    Direct Tax Relief can successfully negotiate with the IRS to have penalties removed from your account.  The Internal Revenue Code allows penalties and the associated interest to be abated by the IRS, if the taxpayer can show reasonable cause.

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  • Preparation of Unfiled Tax Returns

    Preparation of Unfiled Tax Returns

    Of our comprehensive tax resolution services, Direct Tax Relief also has tax accountants to prepare unfiled tax returns. This is often the first step in beginning the process of tax debt resolution.

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  • Installment Agreement

    Installment Agreement

    An installment agreement involves some negotiation with the IRS. This option is usually pursued only after an Offer in Compromise has been ruled out. Coupled with our other tax resolution services, this option can help eliminate back taxes for those in debt.

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  • Audit Representation

    Audit Representation

    IRS audits should be taken seriously. They can often lead to the examination of other tax years and deductions not specified in the original audit letter. IRS tax auditors are experts at evaluating and rattling nervous taxpayers. A tax expert can take over audit proceedings to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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  • Bank Levy Release

    Bank Levy Release

    A bank levy is issued by the IRS when your taxes remain unpaid and resolution has not been reached. The IRS will freeze your bank accounts and seize any money in your bank account up to the amount that you owe, including penalties and interest. However the right representation can end a bank levy for good.

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  • Wage Garnishment Release

    Wage Garnishment Release

    A wage levy is used to seize your wages, commissions or other income (often called a garnishment). The IRS can even garnish your Social Security income! You have only 30 days from the date of a Final Notice of Intent to Levy to either pay the tax in full or to find a solution to your back taxes.

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  • State Tax Issues

    State Tax Issues

    State tax issues usually arise if state agents believe a business has withheld sales tax revenue. Often cash-heavy businesses are targeted, including retail stores, contractors and in-home service industries. When facing this type of situation, it is always best to seek a tax expert.

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  • Tax Lien

    Tax Lien

    A Federal Tax Lien or State Tax Lien gives the IRS, California Franchise Tax Board, or your State Department of Taxation a legal claim to your property as security or payment for your tax debt. If you’ve received a Notice of Federal Tax Lien (NFTL), Direct Tax Relief offers tax resolution services that can help.

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  • Innocent Spouse Appeal

    Innocent Spouse Appeal

    This form of tax relief can relieve you of your tax liabilities, interest and penalties as a result of filing a joint tax return with your current or ex-spouse. Filing your taxes jointly can provide many benefits - and sometimes it can create problems.

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  • Lien Subordination

    Lien Subordination

    If taxpayers are looking to refinance or sell a home, but are unable due to a federal tax lien, there are tax resolution services available. The tax attorneys at Direct Tax Relief will pursue all avenues to alleviate the restrictions of your tax lien.

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  • Currently Not Collectible

    Currently Not Collectible

    When a taxpayer demonstrates they are in a severe financial hardship and have no ability to make monthly payments or liquidate assets in order to pay their back taxes, the tax experts with Direct Tax Relief can pursue a status of "currently not collectible" and alleviate the pressure from the IRS.

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  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

    Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

    To encourage prompt payment of withheld income and employment taxes, including social security taxes, railroad retirement taxes, or collected excise taxes, Congress passed a law that provides for the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP).

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  • Collection Status

    Collection Status

    The IRS has 10 years to collect outstanding tax liabilities, from the date assessed. The 10 year mark is calculated from the day a tax liability has been finalized. A tax liability can be finalized in a number of ways and Direct Tax Relief can help.

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  • Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

    Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

    The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program is a way of safely reporting foreign bank accounts that have not been disclosed to the IRS. An expert tax negotiator is necessary to, not only assist in the completion of paperwork, but negotiate with the IRS once back taxes have been assessed.

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