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Our team of qualified Tax Attorneys and tax experts have the skills and experience necessary to resolve your IRS and State tax problems. Many taxpayers have attempted to negotiate with the IRS themselves, or hired their local accountant or tax preparer, but end up in a worse situation.

Our Tax Attorneys are Certified Tax Resolution Specialists, which means they have additional training, knowledge and experience regarding IRS tax resolution.

Since 2008 we have helped our clients as an honest and ethical company. We don't have commissioned salesman or gimmicks. We are an A+ rated company and accredited business by the Better Business Bureau

During our free consultation we will explain the steps necessary to resolve your tax problem. We will provide you with a no-obligation service agreement that will clearly state our flat fee and responsibilities as your representative.

Direct Tax Relief has achieved outstanding results for our clients because we only focus on solving tax problems

Taxpayer owed $56,701.44 when she hired us in 2012.  After submitting her settlement and our Tax Attorneys negotiating with the IRS, the offer of $400.00 was ACCEPTED! Click here to view.

This taxpayer is a real estate agent who had a balance of $33,033.34 when he hired us.  It took 1 year of work from our team, but IRS ACCEPTED our offer of $500.00.
Click here to view.

The Offer in Compromise program was created by Congress to give taxpayer's the ability to settle their tax debt for less. In May of 2012 the IRS announced the "Fresh Start" program, which will allow more Offers to be accepted. However, most taxpayers do not understand the lengthy and difficult process involved from beginning to end to have an Offer in Compromise accepted.

Many taxpayer's believe they can negotiate their own Offer in Compromise with the IRS. Several months later they find out that their Offer has been denied because they don't have the expertise or knowledge required to negotiate with difficult IRS agents. It has been proven that having representation drastically increases your chances of the IRS accepting your Offer in Compromise.

Besides the Offer in Compromise program, there are several other programs available to resolve your IRS and/or State back taxes. If you have an IRS wage garnishment, we can usually have it released within 24 hours. If you haven't filed income tax returns for several years, we are here to help! There are new programs available that will stop an IRS tax lien from being filed. We guarantee that your assets and wages will be protected from seizure or levy while we are representing you and working out an agreement with the IRS.

We have also been successful at having penalties removed through the Penalty Abatement program. Many taxpayer's are not aware that the IRS has 10 years to collect a debt. If you are near the 10 year deadline, having an experienced Tax Attorney handle this on your behalf is crucial. An Installment Agreement is another option available to solve IRS tax problems. The Currently Not Collectible status is available for taxpayers that qualify.

testimonial3owed the IRS $55,208 of back taxes. They hired DTR tax attorney and qualified for an Offer in Compromise program. Their tax debt was able to reduce to $5,235.
Sarah and Dave K.


  • Free Consultations are for taxpayers that have at least 3 years of unfiled tax returns or owe more than $10,000 in back taxes.

  • All information is confidential and will not be shared with any third parties



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Direct Tax Relief represents individuals and small business owners from all 50 states regarding all back tax issues; income, payroll and sale taxes. Our Tax Attorneys and Ex-IRS Agents are highly skilled at negotiating with difficult IRS and State tax collectors.

Many of our clients have previously hired a local attorney or accountant to help with their tax problems. After their problems continue they realize that hiring a large company with a nationwide presence and a team of knowledgeable and experienced tax professionals is the wise choice.

Let our team of tax experts help get your life back on track. During our initial free consultation, we will develop a plan that will resolve your tax problems in an effective manner, while giving you peace of mind. Our advisors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us today at (877) 505-4829.

  • Sarah and Dave K.
    Had a bank garnishment and owed the IRS $55,208 of back taxes. They hired DTR's tax attorney to represent them and qualified for an Offer in Compromise program. Our LA tax attorney was able to reduce their tax debt to $5,235.

    Nickie and Michael B.
    Both self-employed and owed the IRS $110,293 from back taxes. They hired DTR to represent them and was able to reduce their tax debt to $1400.
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Meet Our Management Staff
John Holland
Tax Attorney

John is committed to helping clients resolve their IRS and State tax problems. He specializes in releasing and stopping wage and bank garnishments. He has taken advantage of new programs that prevent an IRS tax lien...   
Jay Soni
Enrolled Agent
Erin Prado

Jay is a licensed Enrolled Agent. He has worked for a number of tax resolution companies. He is committed to achieving the best possible results for his client.


Sean Goodman
Tax Resolution Specialist
Erin Prado

Sean Goodman has been solving IRS tax problems for over 10 years and has worked alongside Tax Attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents. He is highly skilled at resolving complex cases and has achieved outstanding results for his clients.

Lucy Stambolyan
HR Manager
Lucy Stambolyan

Lucy is skilled in improving morale and creating a workplace environment that is of benefit to both employees and employers. She plans human resources programs and policies that achieve strategic objectives, including employee retention, relations and safety.

Michael Green
Tax Attorney

Michael is a seasoned professional in the tax industry. As an aggressive advocate, he offers creative and tailored strategies to meet the specific needs of his clients. Michael is experienced in a variety of complex collection matters   
Harry Galstian
Sr. Tax Settlement Advisor

Harry develops a strategy for clients to resolve their tax problems. His experience and knowledge of IRS tax relief programs have delivered effective solutions. He has a Bachelors in Finance, completed Masters of Taxation courses and a registered tax preparer.

Gaby Banales
Case Manager

Gaby is highly skilled at managing her cases and obtaining favorable results for her clients.  Besides working closely with our Tax Attorneys, she has extensive experience dealing with the IRS as well as State tax agencies. 

Pet Natividad
Marketing Director
Pet Natividad

Pet has many roles. He develops quality branding strategy for DTR and leads the marketing department in implementing digital marketing and PR campaigns. Pet undertake continuous analysis of competitive environment and tax trends. He also optimizes natural search engine result and PPC for DTR.

Joseph Cole
Tax Attorney
Erin Prado

Joseph is a Tax Attorney who has helped hundreds of clients resolve their tax issues. He holds an LL.M. in Taxation from the University of San Diego School of Law and has experience advising clients on an array of legal issues including    Read more...
Celeste Duran
Tax Resolution Specialist
Celeste Duran

Celeste has been solving IRS tax problems for over 10 years and has worked alongside Tax Attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents. She is highly skilled at resolving complex cases and has achieved outstanding results for her clients.

Erin Prado
Case Manager
Erin Prado

Erin is highly skilled at managing her cases and obtaining favorable results for her clients. Besides working closely with our Tax Attorneys, she has extensive experience dealing with the IRS as well as State tax agencies.

Tin Salazar
Marketing Research Analyst
Tin Salazar

Tin is responsible for providing information and insights regarding customers, markets, competitors, and campaign effectiveness, to measure performance and support business decisions. She also manages DTR’s website and your online chat contact in directing you to the right department.

Ilya Danilkevich
Tax Attorney

Ilya is an experienced tax resolution attorney providing legal assistance to individuals with post-filing controversies with the IRS and State agencies. Ilya has a wealth of experience in various matters including collection issues, audit representation    Read more...
Kristine Mardirossian
Tax Resolution Specialist
Kristine Mardirossian

Kristine is a experienced tax resolution advisor who has helped hundreds of taxpayers. She's very competent with the IRS tax relief programs and is skillful in providing the best solution if you owe the IRS. She has a Bachelors degree from Cal State Northridge in Finance and Real Estate.

Prentice Durham
Case Manager

Prentice is a trained and award winning resolution specialist. She is highly skilled and knowledgeable in a variety of tax matters. Prentice has worked to resolve tax controversy issues with the IRS and state taxing authorities for over four years.

Management Staff

Direct Tax Relief office is supported by an experienced and professional management team. Our professionals are passionate and dedicated to assisting taxpayers resolve their tax problems successfully.

Celeste Duran             Kris Madirossian      Lucy Stambolyan

Gaby Banales            Pet Natividad            Tin Salazar

About Us

Since 2008 our company has helped thousands of taxpayers with their IRS and State tax problems. We value our biggest asset, our clients, and strive to provide honest and ethical service.

No matter how bad your situation is, we can help!

Call for a free no-obligation consultation!

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3 Steps To Peace of Mind

Call us at (877) 505-4829 for a free no obligation consultation. Based on your situation and circumstances we will create a strategy to resolve your IRS and/or State tax problems.

Once we are retained for services we will immediately stop any pending wage and/or bank garnishments. Your assets, wages and bank accounts will be protected from any future seizures while we are providing representation.

Our Tax Attorneys and professionals will negotiate a resolution with the IRS and State tax agencies.
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